What’s a garden to an ape?

What day is it? I can’t remember it . This post will need a title when I’m done. Something simple like the date because this new year, 2017, I am promising myself to write more. I’m leaving it out there in the World Wide Web. In hopes it reaches someone. Similar to life where we as the general humans we are, wish to be heard or read . We wish to be attended to, generals of a spot eyes flock to , yes sir, we wish we commanded what we wished. I write for me and generalize about everyone else. Happy new year world. I am unhappy in the current position I am in. In life I am 27 years old still living a child’s life with my parents. In death I am forever 15 living the greatest passion 3 of my lifetimes have ever known with a beautifully arranged school uniform wearing big tits having skinny Puerto Rican named Yasmin Rodriguez. Rodriguez being my last name as well I thought it meant to be. No she’s not my cousin or sister or any stereotypical hot story on porn sites and theatre plays. We were secrets to each others family which only added to the forbidden fruit we eventually gave to each other. I think about my past at times like a sad soul tortured by knowledge of knowing his own past death in the next life. Here I am again reborn in 2017. Yet kept with me are the memories of all the gardens I’ve been in and all the trees I’ve climbed and all the branches I’ve swung from. And what you must understand is that for an ape like me all I have are those beautiful jungles I called home but many times and only once.

Published by theseriousidiot

My purpose in life is a path of truth.

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