It was a morning parallel to the similarity no one wanted in life. Afternoon arrived pregnant in disappointment . Actions slept the whole day. I am a filthy boy. Wish I could do things to you that make you yell in pleasure. I don’t have the courage to write you and say hello I need you to know I go insane without talking to you. You are as much part of my days as my clothes. To be vulnerable with you scares me. But I’d do it to the rhythms of my heartbeats. If life wasn’t in the way. So I choose this solitude for hope in meeting you in the future as a better me. One that can give things that you deserve to have or at least continue the things you are used to. Fiction would love our story if we were characters in a book I’ll write you well. I’ll write you in love I’d write you happy with all your dreams come true. In reality All my intellect can’t stop losing you. But in fiction, I would write you as royalty. You’d be a princess looking for a charmer man to put your shoes on. You’d have every gentleman after you of course because you’d be the most beautiful woman in all the world. But you wouldn’t choose them you’d choose me a farmer’s son . Because we met by chance in the rain by the town. The rest was a feeling in our hearts that never let go. And we would sneak out of our lives to be together. Under the shadow of a banyan tree the same we carved our names in. We’d be together under a waterfall let the fish watch us kiss. We’d be next to a lake with lily pads in full display. Surrounded by rocks. Inside a barnyard in a bed of hay. We would whisper at each other be with me forever.

Published by theseriousidiot

My purpose in life is a path of truth.

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