Journal Entry – A Co-Worker David Also Named Inspiration

There were five people in a movie theatre dressed in black David, Margaret, Chanell, Qwintashia, and I Trying to find the best ways to waste time Tetris failed at a game of boredom human bodies stacked impatience in their minds and watched it fly. Uniformity causes the pain of talking the bastard English language on a Thursday afternoon, Thursday Afternoon went by like the trite slow walking animal with a weight on its back failing at forward progress I was born on a Thursday Afternoon randomly I hold on to this like a lover Oh you Thursday Afternoon. You Trite lover! thoughts of you helps me get through this trite life I chose to vulgar in. Fuck! Pussy! Cock! I read beautiful straightforward words when I said “what are you going to be when you grow up” he replied tritely contritely “I don’t know” when I said, something I can’t remember, he answered, “I write poems” When I said, “let me read them” When he said, “wordpress” when he wrote on my iPhone 6s, i read beautiful straightforward words ironically not in a situation that felt the exciting speedy progression of forward. I read beautifully straight forward words. from a man I thought was gay I read beautiful straightforward words and I thought tritely contritely “why not me” I think I’m gay sometimes the sight of penis makes me salivate sometimes.  am I david? did I make him up? is this that scene from the movie Fight Club? how exciting! oh yes spoiler alert, to the entertainers of fiction. co-worker inspiration mentioned to be a man of Jesus, David, I am david but not the bible kind. I gave up such pursuits when Satan came and became my friend at the edge of fire and brimstone and said like a well spoken monk, “son be quite, be silent, be still”. Boom! Television blasted my tomb, I was in She’s All That! I was Freddy Prince Jr. and a Hacky Sack. I am now a liar feeling like I have been caught! I think I got the reference wrong! the memory of that film is strapped trapped at the prefrontal cortex of my wrap of sights and secrets.shh. ready to shoot at any moment because it is my second amendment right to carry a gun and be safe at all times! I am safe all the time,desperately desperately safe all the time! I am so desperate to hate myself at the drop of a Facebook post or any random commercial that yells ” you need this, you want this,” and I do! somewhere in the past I failed to know myself! like right there just now just when I said that. I do need all the things I do not have! David you are a commercial! Commerical you inspire me! yes! why not me! why not my dreams my fantasies! Why not everything but this reality! I am bored! are you my hero, save me from this wretched comfortability David! david! I need you! to save me! how will I do anything without you! Friend!

Published by theseriousidiot

My purpose in life is a path of truth.

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